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Black Caviar. Russian Osetra, 4,4 Oz / 125g

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Russian Osetra is one of the most expensive and admired varieties of caviar and is considered a real treat among experienced connoisseurs. It is loved for its nutty, almost buttery, flavor and mild pleasant burst that envelops the palate with the saltiness and flavors of the sea.

Russian Osetra black caviar is an excellent choice for a small exclusive event or when you need to add a luxurious touch and create a romantic atmosphere. It can be offered as an aperitif on lightly toasted brioche, blini, or alone in a pearl spoon alongside a bottle of champagne.




This luxurious seafood delicacy also offers highly nutritious qualities being a resource of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. We advise serving caviar cold to preserve its freshness and ensure that you get the best experience from tasting this treat. Also, avoid serving it on the metal bowl as oxidation may transfer a metallic taste to the caviar. Glass or porcelain dish is preferable to metal.